Position Checklists

Please use these checklists for each job.

Look at the "Start of Day" Checklist at the beginning of your shift. 

Complete the "Daily" Checklist throughout the rest of your shift, having all tasks finished by the time you end your shift.  

Labour Checklists:

Stagehand (Case Push): Start of Day


Stagehand (Case Push): Daily



Warehouse Labour: Start of Day


Warehouse Labour: Daily



Set Up Labour: Start of Day


Set Up Labour: Daily



Strike Labour: Start of Day


Strike Labour: Daily




Warehouse Tech: Start of Day 


Warehouse Tech: Daily 



Warehouse De-Prep Tech: Start of Day


Warehouse De-Prep Tech: Daily



Warehouse Prep Tech: Start of Day


Warehouse Prep Tech: Daily



Warehouse Supervisor: Start of Day


Warehouse Supervisor: Daily




A1 - Audio Tech: Start of Day  

A1 - Audio Tech: Daily  

A2 - Audio Tech Assistant: Start of Day  

A2 - Audio Tech: Daily 

AV Tech (Entry Level): Start of Day 

AV Tech (Entry Level): Daily 

AV Tech (Mid Level): Start of Day 

AV Tech (Mid Level): Daily 

AV Tech (Senior Level): Start of Day 

AV Tech (Senior Level): Daily 

Audio Rigging Tech: Start of Day 

Audio Rigging Tech: Daily 

BEO Tech: Start of Day 

BEO Tech: Daily 

Monitor Engineer: Start of Day 

Monitor Engineer: Daily 

Backline Tech: Start of Day 

Backline Tech: Daily 


L1 - Lighting Engineer: Start of Day 

L1 - Lighting Engineer: Daily 

L2 - Lighting Assist: Start of Day 

L2 - Lighting Assist: Daily 

LD - Lighting Design: Start of Day 

LD - Lighting Design: Daily 


V1- Video Engineer: Start of Day 

V1: Video Engineer: Daily 

V2: Video Assist: Start of Day 

V2: Video Assist: Daily 

Video Editor: Start of Day 

Video Editor: Daily 

Projectionist: Start of Day 

Projectionist: Daily 


Photobooth Tech: Start of Day 

Photobooth Tech: Daily 

Marketing Manager: Start of Day 

Marketing Manager: Daily 

Media Editor: Start of Day 

Media Editor: Daily 

HR: Start of Day 

HR: Daily